Camphor laurel and reduced native seed viability

Documentation from their records of nursery germination of native Lauraceae (Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens 2000), and field observations, corroborate each other in respect of heavily reduced viable seed-set, especially for competitor laurel species believed to be once commonplace in the Northern Rivers 'Big Scrub'.
1. The near total absence of roadside speciment laurels along most/a majority of roads stretching from Lismore to Byron Bay -- in total hundreds of kilometres, yet no remnant or regrowth laurels, even the common two or three out of fifteen species;
2. Observations in Terania Valley of Endiandra pubers trees, seen in Summer 1999-2000 to not set fruit within approximately 70 metres of camphor laurel trees, but setting fruit happily elsewhere, confirmed by checking with neighbours of these trees at The Channon in a heavily camphor infested area, where the E.pubens specimen trees never set fruit.