Elucidation of typical plant species' composition under roadside camphor laurel tree canopies across three shires - Byron, Lismore and Tweed, in North Eastern New South Wales, 1999 to 2004.


Joe A. Friend , independent plant ecologist.


To define the typical suites of exotic and native flora, including invasive native (Australian), as well as Toxic, and Declared 'Noxious' Weed species most commonly found under, and apparently harboured, by the various biotypes of Camphor laurel trees (Cinnamomum camphora), for characteristically dry, and polluted habitats on major and minor roadsides representative of NSW's Far North Coast region.

Pages relevant to this study

Table 1, Weed species not suppressed by Camphor Lauel

Table 2, Non-local native plant species commonly found growing near Camphor

Table 3, Native plants that tend to be unsupressed by Camphor poisons

Table 4, Australian Native plant species never seen germinating, but seen-deformed or not-surviving, or having flowers perennially not-fertilised under or proximal to Camphor Laurel

Table 5, Roadside regeneration of Australian native shrub & tree species observed to die-out when proximal to Camphor laurel infestations.

Table 6, Tree crops invaded by bird spread Camphor Laurels


Study conclusions