Joe Friend publications


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Recent publications

'The Geography of Neem in Australia 1938 - 1996'. Co-authored with Dr R. Fletcher. Fifth International Neem Conference, University of Queensland, February 8, 1996.

'Usefulness of Neem Extract in Tropical Australian Pest Control'

, Internet Publication at au

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Topical Articles and Letters

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Neem is a crop plant, not a noxious species submission to NT Chief Minister 5 Jan 2004

In Press

'Twenty Year Review of Horticultural Research with Neem Against the Diamond-Back Moth'- Plutella xylostella L. (Yponeumutidae). Phytoparasitica and International Journal of Pestology.

Beyond Camphor - a Restoration of Australia's Native Diversity, SCU Press, Lismore, 2001

Children's book, Back to Basics in the Bush, Imprimateur Press, Lismore, 2001