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Camphor laurel in Australia

A species threatening coastal ecology and biodiversity


New: Fifty years after its spread in northern NSW, Camphor laurels are emerging as a threat to the wildlife and resources of Norfolk Island. Joe Friend (0431688918)reports on his recent research here

Camphor laurel has been declared a weed in all parts of Queensland. The Queensland Natural Resources and Mines department has made available a free fact sheet which may be downloaded from this link: NRM Facts (PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Introduced to Australia as a park specimen, the camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) has spread explosively through the warmer and wetter parts of the eastern seaboard, particularly in northern New South Wales, where native subtropical rainforest has been cleared for grazing. Ecologist and plant scientist Joe Friend has gathered scientific and anecdotal evidence which indicates that the tree is a threat to native and introduced animals; to the human population, and to the ecology as a whole.

New material on this site: 57 reasons camphors must go and an educational warning card suitable for schools and organisations.

Warning sign in use at Lismore attached to camphor laurel trees of the more toxic chemotype.

View a summary paper here: Camphor Laurel Fact Files. Also Facts and Perceptions update

Notes on a floristic key to identification of chemotypes Click here


STOP THE KILLER CAMPHORS (STKC) is an amalgamated community action group of longtime landowners, indigenous representatives and independent scientists. You can contact this action group in person: phone 0405 627222. Help replace more and more if not all 'camphor bloody laurels'!