Camphor laurel and fish species

Freshwater Fish

Orara River near Coffs Harbour
Native Rainbow fish were killed by Camphor laurel leaves falling into stream rills set up in a controlled experiment designed to test-prove what long-standing graziers had been saying for years, if not decades: that no fish could be caught or even exist anywhere near the Camphor laurel infestations along this river - arguably the worst afflected stream in the entire Northern Rivers - research work was performed by Bishop, a Limnologist, in 1993.

Lismore, the Manager of Suffolks Sports Store in Keen Street, Lismore.
The Manager states unequivocally that he has carefully watched, by way of his own in-stream observations, and the collation of hundreds of professional fishing peoples' reports over the past 25 years, indicating that:
(1)The only decent large legal-sized fish now 'worth fishing for at all' are remnant in the watershed dams such as Rocky Creek Dam and Toonumbar near Kyogle, or the Clarrie Hall Dam near Uki, but also no longer (fish) in the mid stream sections; only also in the lower river stretches of quiet and estuarine locations.
(2)A few isolated fishing holes do exist in the region, where highly sought after Australian Bass may still be caught, but not all-year-round and definitely not anywhere within 'cooee of a Camphor laurel tree'.
(3)To date no research has been commenced or published to prove or establish why keen fishermen and observers report no 'significant' sized fish in the numerous freshwater streams around Lismore, as compared to old-timers reports of much available sized-fish as recently as 1970 in creeks like Terania Creek, Mullumbimby Creek, etc.

In 2000, an official NOMINATION of Camphor laurel as a 'Key Threatening Process' to NSW Freshwater Fish has been accepted by NSW Fisheries.